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"Say" is a concept EP that documents the relationship between Micah, a young writer and musician, and the Greek goddess of music known only as The Muse. Meeting only within the context of his dreams, she entices him with "The Orpheus Contract" and the promise of half of her power. Now gifted with the ability to emotionally move anyone through his compositions and the guarantee the world will remember him, he starts an unconscious relationship with her under the condition that everything he writes will be in her name. Should he break this rule, the Muse and the inspiration she provides for the world will die. "Say" reveals the ins and outs of their relationship in four vignettes reflecting the four seasons that their love bloomed, matured, withered and died.


released March 14, 2015

Matthew Badoe - voice, rhythm guitar
Sam Boer - voice, drums, glockenspiel, keys
Liv Cazzola - voice, ukelele, keys
Liam Sanio - keys
Jill Sauerteig - cello
Joseph Simpson - lead guitar
Joel Wilson - bass

Produced by Ryan Binhammer and The Breath and The Bellows
Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Ryan Binhammer, Istiana Bestari, Alex Foster-Roman and Joel MacDonald at CHRW Studios
Mastered by Jay Hodgson at Roofless Creations

Album art by Jill Sauerteig and Anita Cazzola

Special thanks to CHRW



all rights reserved


The Breath and The Bellows London, Ontario

The Breath and The Bellows are a 6-piece indie pop/folk band dedicated to movement. From their dynamic and passionate live show to their intimately crafted lyrics, they engage audiences on multiple levels. Their sound can swiftly evolve from slow and sultry to quick and quirky, weaving together light melodies and harmonies as warm as blankets, you’ll be hit in the hips and heart. ... more

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Track Name: Something
I’ve been sleeping, sleeping, sleeping – sleeping all the time
Sleeping off all of my depravity in agony, sleeping off these self-indulgent nights
No desire to wake up – wake up! – no desire to wake into the nightmare of the day lit sky
The sun and I are frenemies, lemme clutch the Bedsheets for just a while.

I’ve been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming – dreaming all the time
Of some lips immaculate giving me kisses on the neck – I wonder why?
Her voice tells me to follow her, her voice tells me through her that I’ll find paradise
I don’t really know if something’s up
But if something is – I really don’t give a fuck!

I lost the beat
I lost the song
I lost the whispers that I held within my humble eardrums
The whispers I was sure would shift the earth off its axis
The whispers I was sure could cure this unholy absence

I wanna move the world
Don’t you want to move the world?

I’ve been sleeping, sleeping, sleeping and I’ve been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming!

I lost the beat, I lost the song, I lost the whispers, I lost the thought, I lost the feeling, I lost heart, I lost the meaning, I lost my start
Track Name: Everything
You are mine alone
Only in my dreams
From your lovely bones
To your synapses
Blessed sacrament
Show me ecstasy
Save me from myself
From all this emptiness-

-beneath my skin, you truly could mean everything
You could fill up ever pothole on this road to new beginnings
Introduce me to the contours of your form immaculate
Let me lose myself, let me lose myself- in you

You are mine alone
Only in your dreams
From your heavy heart
To you shaking knees
Let your troubles fade
In the peace of sleep
I’ll be your opiate
The only one-

-you need to cede, to give to me your everything
Every atom, every millimetre of your soul
Be the one to move me, to cause my chest to palpitate
Cuz I could lose myself, I could lose myself – in you
Track Name: Anything
I wish we could be the ones
Who have no need to say anything, please say anything at-
All I want is just some semblance of affirmation
That you know my thoughts, you know the truth.

There’s no solace in words pre-meditated
They’ve all been poisoned in the womb,
Born of impotent rationality
How could they move you?

I wouldn’t dare to make you say,
Anything at all to me.
We’ll let this moment lay,
In hauntingly silent infamy.

Let’s abstain ourselves from communication.
From all the lust we have to say anything, please say anything at-
All I hear is static, and all I know is murmuring.
Let’s speak in tongues naturally tied
In worship of insanity

I wouldn’t dare to make you say,
Anything at all to me.
We’ll let this moment lay,
In hauntingly silent infamy.

We could make a change
We could rewrite history
There’s no need to explain
There’s no need to say anything

I wouldn’t dare to make you say,
Anything at all to me.
We’ll let this moment lay,
In hauntingly silent infamy.
Track Name: Nothing
Everything’s a copy of a copy
Born out of the words that I speak
Simply mimicking the beauty of the universe
Distorting the forms into freaks
But I have not the heart to say nothing
So Plato, forgive me please
Cuz she’s worth a million sentences
And I’m desperate for her to want me
I’m worth so little without she

It’s a shame that you gave me a mouthful
Cuz I’ve been trying to fast since last week
Praying soon I would reach a new breakthrough
And write hymns for my perforated deity
I’ve ruminated becoming more righteous
Denying the preciosity
Cuz my mama said if you’ve nothing good to say at all
Then you honestly shouldn’t even whisper.

If I could write about your hair like Hemingway
Then surely a Catherine you’d be
But I’m stuck dodging descriptions
Denoting you only as ‘she’.

Oh I’m an imitative fiend
Imitating everything that I see
And if you’re worth a million sentences
How many words would you use to quantify me?